Project name | INDULEATHER

Project code | POCI-02-0853-FEDER-005570

Main objective | This project aims to adjust and validate the production process of a line of traditional but innovative articles, using differentiating and more environmentally friendly chemical products, which will enable the development of collections aimed at international clients.

Region of intervention | Centre

Beneficiary organisation | Indutan

Approval date | 24-07-2015

Start date |02-09-2015

Completion date | 01-09-2016

Total eligible cost | €20,000.00

Financial support from the European Union | ERDF – €15,000.00

National public financial support | –

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results | The process to be developed must fulfil the following requirements:

Shrinkage temperature: > 100°C (if chrome tanning) or 65 – 70°C if other tanning.

Light fastness: ≥ 4 (blue scale)

Fat content: variable depending on the type of end use

Chromium content: variable depending on the type of tannery Hexavalent chromium content: < 3 ppm (without and with ageing)

Aromatic amines: < 30 ppm

Formaldehyde: variable depending on the article and end user

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  • Recycled packaging material
  • Reusing and recycling waste
  • Training, drills and environmental awareness-raising continue
  • LED lighting
  • Participation in research, innovation and sustainable development projects.